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The Centre is involved in publishing of primarily limes archaeology orientated material. Most positions can be ordered directly from us.

Novensia 25, 2014
Volume 25 contains an obituary for professor Jerzy Kolendo and his complete bibliography, as well a number of papers on Risan and Scodra.

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Novensia 15, 2004
This volume contains the second part of the proceedings from the conference "40 years of fieldwork at Novae". The articles give detailed analyses on various specific topics resulting from the excavations.

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Kozlowski Stefan Karol (red.), Stefan Krukowski i jego przygoda z PMA. Warszawa, Lodz 2014, ss. 1-211. .

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P. Dyczek, Rhizon, Warszawa 2013, ss. 144, ISBN 978-83-934239-8-9
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P. Dyczek, Iliria i prowincje bałkańskie w Zjednoczonej Europie/Iliria dhe provincat ballkanike në Evropën e Bashkuar/Illyria and the Balcan Provinces in United Europe, Warszawa 2011, pages 140, figs. 118, ISBN 978-83-928330-8-6. Price: 30 PLN

Trilingual Polish-Albanian-English text. This book presents the results of the excavations carried out by the Centre in Novae (Bulgaria) and acient Rhizon/Risinium (Montenegro). It also includes information about the „coin hoard of king Ballaios from Risan” and a summary of the 2011 campaign in Risan, when the "house of Aglaos" and the splendid golden ring were discovered. The chapters focus on the most important scientific questions and unique achievements of our research. The book is richly illustrated and includes a bibliography.

Profesor Leon Kozłowski, ed. Stefan Karol Kozłowski, Aleksandr Sytnyk,
Lwów-Warszawa 2010, ISBN 978-83-928330-3-1. Cena 50 PLN

This work was published in Polish and Ukrainian in cooperation between the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education of the Ukraine and the University of Lwow. It includes 12 articles by Polish and Ukrainian scientists concerning the life and work of L. Kozłowski. This book not only illustrates the vita of the outstanding yet controversial scientist but also constitutes a history of archaeology in itself.



Understanding the Past is a festschrift for Prof. Stefan Karol Kozłowski, edited by: Jan Michał Burdukiewicz, Krzysztof Cyrk, Piotr Dyczek and Karol Szymczak. The books includes a complete bibliography of the celebrated professor and a considerable number of articles concerning various aspects of stone age archaeology. These encompass fresh results based on current fieldwork as well as synthesises.

S. Jilek, The Danube Limes, A Roman River Frontier, Warsaw 2009

This booklet was prepared as part of the "Danube Limes" project and constitutes a brief monography on the archaeological sites on the limes of the Roman Empire running along the Danube .

S. Kozłowski, Włodzimierz Antoniewicz, profesor z Warszawy, Warszawa 2009

A biographical book on the former rector of Warsaw University, Włodzimierz Antoniewicz.

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T. Derda, P. Dyczek, J. Kolendo [eds.], Novae : Legionary Fortress and Late Antique Town, vol. I: A Companion on the Study of Novae, Warsaw 2008 [2009]


The first volume in a monographic series on Novae. It includes articles on the history of research, Novae in ancient sources, historical studies, geography, topography and cartography, as well as a detailed bibliography of works on Novae encompassing the years 1726-2008.



P. Dyczek, Frontiers of the Roman Empire - The Lower Danube Limes in Bulgaria, Warszawa-Wiedeń 2008

This booklet sums up the research of the Culture 2000 project "Frontiers of the Roman Empire" and also includes a detailed description of the Lower danube Limes in Bulgaria.

P. Dyczek, Everyday Life in the Fortress of the First Italic Legion at Novae. Exhibition at Warsaw University. Warszawa 2007

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Exhibition catalogue with pictures of the presented items and a detailed description of archaeological fieldwork working methods.

S. K. Kozłowski, Wylotne and Zwierzyniec, Kraków 2006

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A collection of papers on the paleolithic sites of Wylotne and Zwierzyniec in southern Poland

A. Dimitrova – Milceva, Die Bronzefunde aus Novae Moesia Inferior, Warszawa 2006, ISBN 83-916770-3-6.

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The author presents a monography on the bronze items discovered during fieldwork at Novae. This includes bronze figurines, tools, decorations and jewelry.


P. Dyczek, Roman Amphorae of the 1st –3rd centuries AD found on the Lower Danube. Typology, Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warszawa 2001. ISBN 83-235-0138-6,

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This work presents a typology of amphorae discovered in the Lower Danube region.

P. Dyczek, J. Kolendo, T. Sarnowski, Novae – 40 lat wykopalisk/ Novae – 40 Years of Excavations, Warszawa 2001, ISBN 83-87496-67-7,

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This booklet briefly presents the site and excavation history.

Evgenia Genčeva, `Първият военен лагиер в Novae провинция Миэия (Северна България) / Pierwszy obóż wojskowy w Novae, Prowincja mezja(Północna Bułgaria), Sofia-Warszawa, 2002 ISBN83-916770-1-X,

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This book is mostly focused on the earliest layers of the legionnary fortress of Novae.

J. Kolendo, J. Żelazowski, Teksty i pomniki. Zarys epigrafiki łacińskiej okresu Cesarstwa Rzymskiego, Warszawa 2003, ISBN 83-916-770-2-8,

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This book sums up the basic elements of Roman epigraphy including a dictionary of terms and common abbreviations. The text is supported by extensive picture material

The Centre also publishes the annual Novensia (ISSN 0860-5777) since 1987. It includes articles in Polish, Bulgarian, German English and French. The works are usually focussed on limes related issues in general and the sites excavated by the Centre in particular.

For those interested in submitting an article for Novensia, please note the guidelines for authors (pdf)

Novensia 18-19, 2008

This volume includes papers from the international conference held in October 2005 on "Tanais and its neighbours.

Selected back issues are available for download in PDF format:

Novensia 15 (2004)

Novensia 16 (2005)

Novensia 17 (2006)




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