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The following candidates have been accepted for the doctorate programme:

1. Mariya Avramova
2. Julia Chyla
3. Monika Dzierlińska
4. Paweł Janik
5. Kamil Niemczak
6. Małgorzata Sołek


The Centre has published a new book, on famed curator Stefan Krukowski and his work at the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw .

The tome was edited by Stefan K. Kozłowski and can be ordered via email: novae (at)










Call for applications

Doctoral researchers for the project Presbyters in the late antique West

The Institute of History (University of Warsaw) is looking for two doctoral researchers who will join the team working on the project Presbyters in the late antique West (200-700 AD) run by Robert Wiśniewski. Their job will consist in collecting the evidence for a prosopographical database and conducting, within the project, their own research which will lead to completing the doctoral dissertation (in 4.5 years). The successful candidates will be enrolled in the doctoral programme and awarded a scholarship of 2000 Polish Zloty per month (initially for 2 years, extendable for another 2.5 years)

More information: Call for applications

The excavation campaign 2014 is underway: Scodra, Rhizon, Novae!

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