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The Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Center (ARC) organizes and conducts excavations, as well as early phases of conservation work on various artifacts under research. It participates in publishing the results of the investigations and actively cooperates in preparing seminars, conferences and exchange programs for the international scholarly community. The Center currently conducts research on three sites: Novae in Bulgaria – headquarters of the First Italic Legion, Tanais in Russia – Greek and Roman trade settlement on the Don, and Rhisinium in Montenegro – capital city of the Illyrian queen Teuta.

Traditional archaeological methods are combined with modern interdisciplinary research techniques – geophysical surveying, aerial and satellite photography analyses, anthropological studies, physico-chemical analyses of wall paintings, pottery and metal - depending on need and available resources, including funding. Conservation of stone and casts of selected artifacts are also within the Center’s sphere of activity. All the archaeological data, small finds as well as architecture, is data-processed. The Center also prepares computer reconstructions of the architecture.

The Warsaw University Center for Archaeological Research at Novae was decreed into existence by the Rector on March 28, 1990. Prior to the University Senate vote, the project received approval from the councils of both the Institute of Archaeology and the Faculty of History. The Center’s statute was approved in the same decree no. 4 that established the institution. A revised statute was adopted by the University Senate on June 11, 1997.

The Center was formed out of the Warsaw University Archaeological Expedition that had been operating with the Mediterranean Archaeology Chair as part of the Classical seminar supervised by Prof. Kazimierz Majewski. Prof. Dr. Ludwika Press took over from Majewski as head of the Expedition; she was also the first director of the Center.OBA UW (the Polish acronym for the Center) is a non-faculty research institution with objectives that include carrying out archaeological research in the Balkans and the Black Sea littoral in particular.



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